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NetUpNow is a social media company working with brands to engage with new consumers through social
media marketing campaigns. Your story arrives on our desk. 

Every business has a story that makes them unique.  Our team spends hours researching and learning everything there is about your company.  We begin to script your movie which includes building your character, creating the music and designing your costume. One major key to be effective online is to have a personality that people want to network with online.  The work we put in before we even start is integral to success.  Read below and select the social media package which is best for you.

“Steve is one of the hardest working, most dedicated business professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the moment you meet Steve, his engaging personality and his knowledge of the social media business is very apparent. I am certain the ROI on hiring Steve is through the roof and being part of Steve's inner circle has dramatically increased my business life. I look forward to continually learning from Steve and sharing best practices around social media.” November 22, 2011

Jeff Willinger, Director of Collaboration, Social Computing and Intranets, RightPoint Consulting


“Steve Green is not only a colleague but he is my friend. He is enthusiastic, energetic, and so positive. His ability to connect with people has made him the go to guy in Chicago and Florida. Everyone knows Steve Green. If you are looking for brand exposure through alternative marketing techniques like gorilla marketing, social media, and more, Steve is the guy to promote your brand and business while achieving word of mouth results and positive hype. In such a competitive economy, Steve Green is the competitive edge to have working on your team!” October 13, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Freda Mooncotch, hired Steve as a Marketing/Social Media in 2007, and hired Steve more than once


“We hired Steve to help us grow our Social Media for our small retail business in Chicago. Steve taught us how to use Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook, etc. to reach out to potential customers and build our online presence. He really knows everything there is to know about Social Media and how to make it work for a business. Steve is also great at explaining exactly how and why you should be using certain Social Media outlets - even to those who have no idea what good they will do. I can personally say that he turned me into a Social Media believer, and that he helped us to gain essential exposure that has helped to drive in new business.” September 21, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Andrea Pleckohired Steve as a Business Consultant in 2010