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Our one-year anniversary party for #Foodiechats will be extraordinary!  On Monday, May 7, 2012, our #Foodiechats community will gather at restaurants across America, to Tweet live during the #Foodiechats show! 

Each city will have sponsor restaurants to host our Foodies!  
We also have strategic alliances with the social media influencers and bloggers in most major cities.  This is a great chance to market your brand to a National and Local market. 

#Foodiechats is more than just a weekly Twitter Chat. #Foodiechats is a community! We engage with our friends and followers Every Sing
le Day. In fact, we have an alert set-up so each time the hashtag #Foodiechats is mentioned, we respond back within seconds! 

Advertising with #Foodiechats is effective for all businesses, and not just food related.  We have great advertising packages for national brands, and restaurants.  

The #Foodiechats community is extremely active on
 social media and can be a potential customer of your offering at any time.  Think of your brand advertising during a prime time show on television. You can reach your targeted audience since they have chosen to tune into our Twitter show, #Foodiechats!


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