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There are so many social media channels to choose from. How do you schedule your time appropriately to achieve social media success for your business? 

Facebook can become the black hole, Twitter streams can fly by! Then you ask yourself, what Circle do I put this person in and how often should I blog?

NetUpNow's Social Media Channel Scheduling workshop will teach you how to maximize social media with the time you have to achieve your online goals.  We will work with you to schedule each channel, and how to maximize within each channel!

Here are the ten channels we will focus on during our ten week Social Media Channel Scheduling Workshop.  You will see below that we have created a formula that works for every individual.  If you have five hours, ten hours, or 15 hours a week, we have the perfect social media channel scheduling plan for you. 


Channel One LinkedIn:  Our process begins with creating your business profile on the number one professional social networking site.  If you currently have a business profile, we will go under the hood with you to maximize your profile. 

Channel Two Twitter:  The best way to introduce yourself and your business to potential business prospects. 

Channel Three Facebook:  The number one social media channel, do we need to say more?

Channel Four Google+:  The most powerful search engine and the fastest growing social media channel. 

Channel Five Tumblr:  Six different ways to blog for your business.  

Channel Six YouTube:  Videos to share with your community what your up to at the moment.

Channel Seven Foursquare:  The number one geo-location based marketing channel. 

Channel Eight Instagram:  The number one photo sharing marketing channel. 

Channel Nine Pinterest: Online Pinboard. Organize and share things you love.

Channel Ten Constant Contact:  The number one platform for email marketing and bringing all of your social media channels together. 


Social Media Channel Scheduling Workshop One: This workshop is perfect for the business professional who only has five hours a week to dedicate to growing your social media presence.  

Social Media Channel Scheduling Workshop Two: This workshop is perfect for the business professional who has ten hours a week to dedicate to growing your social media presence.